I finally made time to do some overdue updates. Previously, the site was just a collection of independent projects, with no common layout or site structure. I wanted to integrate them, both technically and visually. And while I was touching everything, I made some upgrades along the way.

Dye Browser

The Dye Browser now allows you to load screenshots to find some matching dyes. That should make it a lot easier to find something matching your weapon, your skin color or your favourite scenery.

For best results, make screenshots in a well-lit area.

Mount Adoption Helper

Even though the Mount Adoption Helper has been less useful since the introduction of Select Licenses, I've updated it to include the recent packs anyway.


This site now has a blog. Where? You're reading it right now! It has a RSS feed, if you wish to be notified about further releases and updates.

New design

Doesn't look much different though. Mostly, I added a global menu to the top left, making it easier to navigate between all of the different projects. If you were wondering who Kulinda actually is: that's her, right there. Kulinda Secondborn, my Sylvari Guardian.