In an unrelated project, I encountered the oklab color space, and I thought to myself: Huh, this might be useful in my dye browser to find better matching dyes.

So I dug into the code to implement it. And I couldn't stop myself and gave everything a good overhaul.

After dedusting the code from 2018 and updating the toolchain and the dependencies, I started implementing the oklab formulas. In an extensive user study (n = 2), we agreed that oklab produced slightly better colors than a simple RGB comparison, most of the time.

I also added a color map, which (thanks to the oklab color space) looks a lot better than the hue circles you usually see. And I greatly extended the FAQ.

But I have grown professionally in the last 3.5 years, and I just couldn't bear to see this old shoddy work. I managed to stop myself from rewriting everything in TypeScript, but I did redo the whole layout, parts of the user workflow, and I converted a couple of components into modern React functional components.

But now I got to stop playing around and actually publish this thing.

Hope you enjoy, and I'm looking forward to all the new character styles I'll see on the expansion!